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4chan kara kimasuta

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go home

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For all gaijin, I am sorry for >>1-san, >>9-san.

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go home

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4chan stoles image board system from 2ch and 2chan.

Its is crime.

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Yes, 4chan infringed the copyright of 2ch.

4chan is a pirate, or infringer.

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4chan uses code from 2chan (Futaba) not 2ch. 2ch isn't an imageboard, 2chan is. And the code is freely available anyway, so it's not infringing on copyright laws.

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Why 4chan user dislike Japan?

46 American 4chan user


We don't dislike Japan.

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Fuck 4chan!

But I love you

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go home warota

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Why 4chan user dislike Japan?

I am very sad...

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Don't be sad!

4chan users is tsundere for Japan.

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The truth is, many 4chan users these days are "normal people" who do not care or know much about Japan.

The users of some boards such as /a/ and /jp/ are "weaboos" (people obsessed with Japanese culture).

The weaboos are the ones who pretend to hate Japan the most.

They do this so they can avoid ridicule, because being a weaboo is a shameful thing.

More info:


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>The truth is, many 4chan users these days are "normal people"

Further in Dejima, you can find people from 2008 who says exactly the same line.

It is never "these days". It's always been like this.

And do not use encyclopedia dramatica as a legitimate source. It is a site dedicated to parody, not explain.

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Tha fact that it's a parody does not make the information in the article untrue.

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But ED's "facts" is as credible as fox news. Their articles is written by

people often without proper knowledge. In fact, most of ED's userbase is from

/b/tards wanting to be "in" on history.

ED may be true, but it is also heavily biased by the randoms who is retarded

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wtf you responce to own comments

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Maybe he doesn't see the ID

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You are very crazy!

Remember perl herber.

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Lets study English!

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Is this Japanese English text book?

Japs are very crazy lol

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They are very abnormal


Go to hell!

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Im Japanese

9.11 was very happy.and the Hurricane Katrina too!

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Nagasaki and Hiroshima is very happy for us!

Fuck yellow monkey!

Remember perl herber!!

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you look in wrong place for chatting civilized, even if 4chan stayed home.

220 El8

Japan get ideas

Japan creates a big forum and name it 2chan

Get known scarcely, only in Japan

Yankee come

Yank steal japanese idea, say its american and name it 4chan

Yank steal more japanese ideas, translate them in english and

name them Memes

Get known worldwide

This is so unfair

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Nagai sangyo de

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Why 4chan user dislike Japan?

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I'm Japanese in Japan.

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He is a shitposter. Just ignore him. Most 4chan users do not dislike Japan, butinstead

western extreme fans of Japan because they behave obnoxiously and embarrasing.

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I wish China and South Korea and Japan would all be friends.

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>>236 SAY THEM!

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We Japanese "never" want to be friend with Cinese and Korean.

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we? who we? you dont decide what i want or anybody else want.

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Most of us

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how do you know it is "most of us"? where is the statistics? proof of evidence?

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Are you fun?

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ni hao ma

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Sha gua!

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it's my mother

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Why 4chan user dislike Japan?

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Because all japs are very crazy

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Hi korean monkey

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I'm Chinese

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I like old China, but dislike modern.

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Japan is fucking nation

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Hi Korean or Chinese.

Can you fuck us Japanese? wwwww

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Japs can't speak English well

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Hello. We Japanese don't need English.


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Koreans love the Tongsul


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Why 4chan user dislike Japan?

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yes, we dislike japs

We remember PerlHarber forever

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4chan loves Japan. They have imageboards dedicated to anime and otaku culture.

4chan hates net uyou.

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NO no no no we like you

405 japanse fan!!!

spy an japaneseempire karnel tamogami!!!

tanomu,4ch hirometekure!!!