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Why are there so few users on this board? I'm an AMERICAN PIG DOG DERP FLERP asking this because I was curious what it would be like to have a conversation with Japanese 2ch users typing in fractured English.

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american hear? where?

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Is it uncommon for American's to post on these boards?

Help me understand because my only experience is being linked here from 4chan.

I'm live in the state of Washington from the U.S.

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I think it would be safe to assume that most of the traffic is Japanese,

seeing as how 2ch is a Japanese website filled with Japanese people, and

this is merely an extension of that site that's open to the world.

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This. The board is even named dejima.


This is like the place where 2ch users can deal with non Japan users.

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Is there some ulterior meaning behind the usage of the word "Dejima",

besides the fact that it's a Japanese island? Also, elaborate by what you

mean by "Deal" with non-Japanese users.

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i learn, it sounds cool. what is spanish?

27 G


You think English sounds cool?

Is it strange that I feel flattered? (I also have to wonder if this is like some reverse-weeaboo thing?)

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Spanish is the language Americans learn to accommodate all

the fucking spics infecting our country like cancer.

Well somebody needs to farm vegetables and paint houses I guess.

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Read the wikipedia article. What I meant by 'deal' is actually communicating with non-japanese users, it's just my choice of words.

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I'm willing to bet that you came from that /v/ thread talking about

the Japanese faggots crying about Vesperia going to the PS3.

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what is spic?

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It's a racist term for a person of Spanish descent.

34 G


That's correct. Didn't all of native English-speakers?



Damn. I don't think you should be so crass when explaining something new to someone, man.

36 G


That's correct. Didn't all of native English-speakers?



Damn. I don't think you should be so crass when explaining something new to someone, man.

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Continuing my post here since I got some lines are too long error.

Maybe I should use enter now and then lol.

Like >>20 said, this part of the board is I quote, merely an extension of the site that's open to the world,

just like Dejima was an 'extension' of Japan that was open to the world.

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Well "deal" usually has negative connotation, so I was merely making sure.

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racist? i had beliebed america was the melt pot. i find stunning that you have racism. will i be hated too if i visit america?

39 G


Sadly, nothing is perfect. Even in out "melting pot" society, racism, bigotry, and ignorance still persist.

However, not all people are close-minded. I daresay America is one of (if not the most) open countries, despite our flaws.

And, no, you won't be hated just for being a foreigner. Well, not by normal people.

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Oops. I thought my post didn't go through. Ignore this.

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Passing off racial bias as "ignorance" is ignorant in and of itself.

The fact is, people of different cultures are more inclined to certain

behaviors, whether it be genetic or through influence. People who deny

this are the ignorant ones.

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In fact I'm willing to bet that /v/ already consumes 90% of the posting population in this board

because of that thread on /v/.

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/v/-viral marketers, even for BBS.

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wouldn't surprise me, /v/ is so full of weeaboos.

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ah. korea is not well taken here, they deny but you can see racism.

43 G


What do Japanese people have against Korea?

49 G


I don't understand. I'm saying some people hate out of ignorance. Ignorance often begets hate, regardless of the subject.

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Yeah it's almost like /v/ is from 4chan you inbred fuckface.

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i habe to go. it was wonderful to be speaking with you all.

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See you later elaborate /v/ troll

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>>53 /v/ is from 4chan but i don't see how that makes me an "inbred fuckface".

i find your arguments shallow and pedantic.

59 I

I disagree, I is the best letter of the alphabet.

61 G


Oh, it's on.

What has I ever done that was special? G is a very important letter, the first letter of many important (and many cool) words.

62 I


I isn't just a letter, it's a WORD. One of the most important words in the English language too.

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Like gay?

64 G


So is A, and NOBODY likes A. G starts so many great words. For instance: GAR, GaoGaiGar, Galerian, Gotcha, Gold, Gamma, etc.. And most of those are vidya words.



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